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Feeling flirty? We’ve got you covered. We take pride in our 3D faux-mink lashes that are lightweight and stress-free. Whether you’re seeking criss-cross lash strands with a beautiful texture, full and fluffy 3D starbursts lashes, or bold and dramatic styles, or perhaps a delicate lash band with a subtle curl, Flirt and Flutter Lash has something for you. We believe you deserve to feel confident and beautiful.

Our goal is to mimic the appearance of professional extensions - giving you the salon look from the comfort of your home so you can flirt and flutter with confidence. Not only are our products friendly for sensitive-eyes, but also cruelty-free to give you gorgeous, guilt-free flutter!

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  • Mindy | HALO

    "I got the halo extensions. I'm new to eyelashes and have never worn them, let alone put them on myself. The instructions were perfect. The halo's are long and definitely flirty, but not too long that I can wear my glasses with them. I am sold for life on these."

  • Yanette | EYECONIC

    "These lashes are fluffy, full of drama and easy to apply. Highly recommend!"

  • Sarah | ALLURE

    "I would have to say these are awesome! They really help boost my confidence and are super easy and quick to use, even for a tomboy. They make getting ready for my day as easy as getting dressed and going out the door."

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